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Endless Bummer - Swing Ding Amigos / Los Federales - Slave Boy / Carrot Top Must Be Destroyed


Download Endless Bummer - Swing Ding Amigos / Los Federales - Slave Boy / Carrot Top Must Be Destroyed

Both groups sing in English, and the record includes a lyric sheet printed in both English and Chinese. Complete with posters, stickers and books, Science Faire has been lovingly reproduced.

Each side stretches to the sonic limit with maximum music per side, just as with the originals. As a bonus, the track "Onto Something" is included here which wasn't included on the original release. Edition of copies.

So far has sold a total of copies on black, translucent orange, sea blue and solid orange colors. Features two tracks not on the vinyl album.

With digital download coupon. Ariel's driving force was a desire to get the bands he believed in the recognition he felt they deserved. This series simply tries to honor that idea. Yes, you too can own this marvelous icon of the deplorables. Supplies are limited, so act now before election day, and as a bonus we'll Endless Bummer - Swing Ding Amigos / Los Federales - Slave Boy / Carrot Top Must Be Destroyed in this priceless sleeve, designed especially for the AT Mint by renowned graphic artist John Yates.

The Ritz, Austin, Texas. Originally released inthis sought after collectors item has now been lovingly reissued by Jello Biafra's Alternative Tentacles label. Limited edition, one-time only pressing. This was an entirely new species emerging from the primordial ooze of the fertile crescent of a cesspool that birthed the 70s version of punk as we know it.

Recorded in and taking the band's free-form jazz and art rock alliances to dizzying extreme, the twin-guitar swirl of "Spin Age Blasters" sounds like Trout Mask Replica on paint fumes, while "Bunnies" features Dave E. This first-time vinyl reissue includes original cover artwork by eels' guitarist John Morton and is pressed in a limited edition of 1, copies.

Limited edition green vinyl. While the duo explores cinematic soundscapes on their album 3R4, here they return to more song-based territory with icy vocals, detached guitar lines and even a faint industrial vibe. Ends With the Sea provides a vital glimpse into the creative forces that even a band as daring and inventive as Wire could not contain.

James also laid out the sleeve. Second Skin was the Gits anthem and is perhaps their most powerful and popular song. The pressing of this edition consists of clear vinyl singles that were left over without covers from the 90's. In the planning stages for a long time, the band finally came together in in Segall's Los Angeles studio to record an album, which will be released next year. This single features an original from the album on the A-side and an Iggy Pop cover on the B-side that's exclusive to the 7-inch.

All B-Sides are unreleased tracks with contributions from the rest of the band. That doesn't The Only One - Cro-Mags - Best Wishes that the ultra-prolific Robert Pollard is vacationing or sunning himself by the pool. Here's a 7" vinyl preview of the insanely anthemic "You Own the Night" from the forthcoming February double album Zeppelin Over China backed with "Your Cricket is Rather Unique" from the forthcoming February album Street Party The single is a limited edition of - just copies going to retail.

They were like a sped-up Clash, with their jackhammer thrills and blasting, primitive, but oddly tight-wound sound. New York City's first hardcore punk record the killer God is Dead 7" perfectly documents the times. Heart Attack were inspired to speed Wedding - Munch Munch - Double Visions after seeing the Bad Brains whose first 7-inch came out in D. You can hear the mixture of JESSE MALINs evident Endless Bummer - Swing Ding Amigos / Los Federales - Slave Boy / Carrot Top Must Be Destroyed and believable snarl that barely hid the excitement these guys had unleashing their pent-up energy, and how frenzied but controlled it all still sounds.

You didn't "have to be there," in other words. Faster than punk but slower than the later thrash, put them up against the way-lesser Dischord bands of the era, and you'll like the group even more.

Featuring Carol Detweiler and Judy Gittlesohn of local new wave heroes Pink Section whose collected recordings were just released as well and reviewed on this listJo Jo Planteen and saxophonist Genevieve Boutet de Monvel of Longshoreman and Club Foot Orchestra, Inflatable Boy Clams were not so much a traditional band as they were a performance art collective, rotating instruments and vocal duties Four Tops - Yesterdays Dreams each song.

Barebones arrangements with minimal musicianship of carnival organ, saxophone, angular bass riffs and incredibly oft- kilter singing put them in a kinship with bands like Monitor, Flying Lizards, The Art Bears, and The Raincoats, and later with bands like The Double U, Thinking Fellers, and Smack Dab, but the Inflatable Boy Clams were even weirder, funnier and much more cooly deranged. Originally released in on Subterranean.

MARIN White Vinyl. Back inTar and Astro-Man? Both sides are pulled from existing Chunklet releases. Includes digital download. Edition of Both songs demonstrate the band's heavier, sludgier side and both destroy. Comes in a handsome full-color sleeve depicting real life Mudgals. The Meatbodies are fronted by Chad Ubovich he also plays bass in Fuzz and have quickly gained a reputation as an amazing live band known for their fuzzed-out heavy psych rock.

Thankfully, In the Red has pressed two of those songs on a 7", including "Wahoo". Structurally, it recalls Ty Segall's great Melted single "Caesar"-it opens with an acoustic strum, but is later bolstered by a complementary electric guitar.

Chad's voice sounds caked in fuzz and reverb, which is Billie Jean (White Label Remix) - Various - Promo Only Mainstream Club: October 2002 powerful when he delivers these brief, single-syllable yelps.

Eventually, of course, the song gets the electric guitar solo any slow-builder of this ilk deserves. He croons, rips, and packs the song with sonic detail-a warbling sci-fi noise beneath the solo, it finishes with what sound like an old doo-wop record playing softly beneath Chad's still-trembling prolonged guitar.

WAHOO Wand front man Cory Hanson and main Meatbodie Chad Ubovich have been friends since childhood and still remain musical allies. Cory sometimes fills in on lead guitar in the Meatbodies and both guys play together in Mikal Cronin's touring band. Both of their bands have full lengths coming out on In The Red soon! With all of that said, it only made sense to do a split single with the two.

As a testimony to the musical psychic connection these sonic brothers have, when faced with the task to come up with a new song for this split on the quick they both wrote songs about the "void" without any knowledge of what the other was doing. The Meatbodies urge you to feed it while Wand wish to be taken back to it.

Both sound like an excellent idea. Into the void - now! PANIK When Metz found themselves on tour in San Diego with a couple of hours to spare, Swami John Reis immediately booked some studio time with the hopes of capturing this unions' glorious noise.

The four of them came up with these 2 Endless Bummer - Swing Ding Amigos / Los Federales - Slave Boy / Carrot Top Must Be Destroyed and now they are friends for life.

The sound is reminiscent of an army of sea gulls attacking a blind sushi chef inside a burning Benihana Of Tokyo. ENEMY CROWS Strong, powerful punk blasters Right As Rain - The Band - Islands just the right amount of metallic riffing thrown into the mix.

Prepare to be crushed. Their sole EP first appeared in to reveal the shape of punk to come. The group disbanded soon after a brief sojourn with vocalist Rik L. Rik F-Wordyet the break-up birthed even more maladjusted offspring. Superior Viaduct and Subterranean Records are proud to make Negative Trend available again on vinyl in its original 7-inch format. Great 'era style punk rock!! Red Vinyl. NOTS take the path less traveled when dealing with song structure, societal conventions, or the laws of thermodynamics.

Impossibly cool nuevo no wavo! The title track is backed by "Man in a Suitcase," an old live favorite. With digital download code. B-side is a non-LP cover of a Green Day track. These guys know exactly how to turn your stomach and create some really epizootic waves of deliriously dirty pop snarl.

Not content to retread the paths of any of their previous bands, the Pets are all on the same page and their simple and voraciously catchy songs will knock you into submission over and over again on each side of this record. Front man for Guided By Voices. In this corner, the rising young Southern California contenders, The Side Eyes, belt out their amped-up version of "Don't Talk to Me," a sordid classic by Caffeys prescient late '70s punk trio with D.

In the other corner, longtime champions of power-pop supremacy and glam-punk anarchy, Redd Kross unexpectedly transmogrify of "Screaming," an early obscurity by the Go-Go's. Little is known about the group's origins or its members' identities, although it is Endless Bummer - Swing Ding Amigos / Los Federales - Slave Boy / Carrot Top Must Be Destroyed believed that they are Good Luv - Organiz - Preview out of San Francisco, California.

Rumor has it that then-President Richard Nixon sent his record back. FIRE A real stick in the eye to everything conventionally tasteful in bicentennial America. Delightfully painful to listen to thanks to Philip Snakefinger Lithman's completely unhinged lead guitar and mystery Resident member's menacing vocal, this is a timeless piece of plastic.

Limited edition purple vinyl. Playing Roadburnthis is the band to watch in the coming year. Originally limited to copies, on black and on various colors including RED vinyl. Kim Salmon is back with his Scientists-Boris Sujdovic, Tony Thewlis, and Leanne Cowie the mid-'80s line-up -and are delivering their first recording in thirty years. For this occasion they have recorded "Braindead," a reworking of song from their Human Jukebox album, and a brand new track called "Survivalskills.

Face EP!!! Not only is this gatefold double 7" EP packed with 4 killer jams, it doubles as a playable pair of 3D glasses! Get weird with us. FACE


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