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Get High - Alien Chaos - Alien Talk

Label: SpeedSound Records - SSCD0316 • Format: File FLAC, MP3, WAV, Album • Country: Brazil • Genre: Electronic • Style: Psy-Trance
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An analysis of Chemical AX. According to Davidthe primary purpose of the Chemical AX. Once exposed to another organism, the virus begins mutating its host by rewriting their DNA.

The host becomes exceedingly aggressive and seemingly mindless as it attacks any living thing in Get High - Alien Chaos - Alien Talk . Geologist Fifield was exposed to the pathogen during the USCSS Prometheus ' expedition of LVmutating his appearance and causing him to attack his fellow crew members.

He was also Get High - Alien Chaos - Alien Talk resilient to physical injury, being able to withstand multiple gunshots. It was not until he absorbed multiple shotgun blasts, was scorched repeatedly with a flamethrower and ran over twice with an RT Series Group Transport that he was finally killed.

The pathogen also mutated several worms found in the Engineer temple, turning them into the aggressive Hammerpedes. These creatures exhibited acidic blood and the ability to regenerate lost body parts, though the latter is an ability commonly Jimmy Dorsey And His Orchestra - The Original So Rare / Jay Dees Boogie Woogie in flatworms on Earth.

However, the regeneration of Hammerpedes is much faster than that of normal flatworms, suggesting that the pathogen can enhance a host's natural abilities. Charlie Holloway was also exposed to the pathogen and began mutating before Meredith Vickers killed him to prevent the virus from coming aboard the Prometheus.

The virus appeared to affect his reproductive system. Prior to his physical mutation while carrying the virusHolloway was engaged in sexual intercourse with his lover, Elizabeth Shawimpregnating her with the Trilobite. It is not clear if his sperm was mutated causing an abnormal conception or if he was simply carrying a Trilobite that moved into Shaw, though the latter seems more probable given that Shaw was sterile.

Whether Trilobites prefer to move into female subjects or if Holloway would have naturally given "birth" to the Trilobite Garrison - Clark Sommers Ba(SH) - Ba(SH) also unknown. This suggests that the Black Liquid itself is not sexually transmitted, but it affects the host's reproductive system.

The chemical's induced mutations seems to be random with it never creating the same effect, however, it often does seem to accelerate the healing ability of its host though anyone or anything with cancer will have their condition greatly accelerated to the point of eventual death. He seemly became a "carrier" for the virus as vegetation begin to grow wherever he touched and his bite caused a Yautja to mutate similarly to Get High - Alien Chaos - Alien Talk.

According to David, who spent a decade extensively studying the pathogen and its effects, the virus is designed to infect non-botanical organic life. As demonstrated on Planet 4the virus is also capable of killing outright instead of merely infecting. Get High - Alien Chaos - Alien Talk the pathogen infects a viable host it gestates a hybridized parasitic life form which may kill the host upon emergence.

These hybridized creatures — examples including the Trilobite on LV from Holloway, which passed Get High - Alien Chaos - Alien Talk Shawthe insect-like motes on Planet 4 from the mutated fungus, and the parasites which burst from the dying Engineers on Planet 4 after David released the virus.

These parasites then seek out another host to attack or infect if possible. Once infected, the host will gestate and birth some form of hybridized creature bearing Xenomorph-like qualities. The appearance of these hybridized creatures depends on the host organism due to a DNA reflex process, though they possess common traits such as elongated eyeless heads and a tendency for acidic blood. In the absence of viable hosts, the virus and the creatures spawned from it can enter an indefinite period of dormancy, becoming undetectable until awakened by a suitable host.

David utilized Chemical AX. The speed and intensity of the mutation process depends on the amount of virus taken on Air Parsing - Various - Hohokum ™ Soundtrack the host and the manner in which it is exposed i.

Holloway's mutation happened at a slower rate than Fifield's, which was more instantly obvious and horrific. Holloway had only a tiny drop of the black liquid in his drink, but Fifield took a full dose of the liquid in his face when he fell down in the temple.

At very high doses, the mutation happens so fast that the body breaks down and it kills the victim quickly e. When the black liquid was created is unknown, but it has been used by the Engineers for thousands of years to both create life and destroy it. Roughly 2, years ago, a group of Engineers stationed themselves on LV and planned to wipe out humanity for reasons unknown by unleashing the pathogenic agent on Earth. Somehow, the Engineers themselves were exposed to the pathogen, wiping out the entire Earth invasion force, except for a few lone survivors.

A few crew members were exposed to the pathogen, and in the ensuing chaos most were killed. The remaining crew later sacrificed themselves and the Prometheus to destroy the Engineer's ship, with Elizabeth Shaw and the android David as the only survivors leaving aboard another abandoned ship to head for the Engineer's homeworld.

In researching the aftermath of Project Prometheus, Weyland Industries managed to uncover an information manual written by the Engineers concerning the chemical. Linguistic components from the original document were translated by a Weyland Industries' cybernetic individual. The document was later declassified. Upon arriving on the Engineer homeworld, David deployed the steatite ampules over a large settlement, the pathogen petrifying every Engineer present and drastically affecting the environment by exterminating or mutating non-botanical organisms, giving rise to highly aggressive hybridized predators like the Neomorphs.

Sometime after the Covenant departed Planet 4, a team from Weyland-Yutani arrived on the planet to investigate David's actions. While exploring the lab to document the rogue Synthetic's scientific discoveries, one of the explorers inspected a vial of the Chemical. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Help Xenopedia by expanding it. Please help by improving the page.

All the animals. The meat, if you will. Either kill them outright or use them as incubators to spawn a hybrid form, highly aggressive. Contents [ show ]. I mean Never seen fluctuations like this. Look at this, Francis.

Pure chaos. It's like this stuff can't make up its mind what it is. Categories :.


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