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Real And Wicked - Jay Mthr Fkn B - Since 1985 Time To Get Mine

Label: Simply Raw Records - J5A2Y9B2 • Format: Cassette EP • Country: US • Genre: Hip Hop • Style: Gangsta
Download Real And Wicked - Jay Mthr Fkn B - Since 1985 Time To Get Mine

Knock First is a teen-do-it-yourself show that gives teens, with the help of professional decorators, the chance to reveal their identity through the makeover of their room. Tony and his friends, including Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler's daughter, Chelsea, take Tony's tired-looking loft and transform it to a true rock-and-roll haven.

In this special two-part episode, catch firsthand that talent does indeed run in the family as Tony and his friends create the musical score and come up with a special song for this installment of Knock First.

Joe Perry also makes a brief appearance. It's safe to say that very little of consequence in the rock world has been created by artists who lack at least a brief schooling in the genre. The form is timeless, true, indelible; it has been the very lifeblood of rock, and should continue to be. That said, most modern popular music has very little blues in it, and the stuff that does is often of the over-produced, beer-commercial, honky-tonk variety - a sad, glossy recasting of the electric blues that exploded out of Chicago a few decades back beneath the weathered hands of artists like Muddy Waters.

Volo Di Notte - Alice - Park Hotel with authentic blues might help put popular music back in touch with its soul.

At the very least, it couldn't hurt. Johnson" hit the streets, and both are full-blown successes, though of a markedly different stripe. Of Real And Wicked - Jay Mthr Fkn B - Since 1985 Time To Get Mine pair, the more surprising might be the Aerosmith effort, which marks a stunning return to form for one of America's best bands, following a 15 year-period as a Bon Jovi-esque pop act that brought commercial success but artistic compromise.

To an entire generation, Aerosmith is an MTV band known for power-ballads and swanky, over-produced double entendres put to song. The band experienced a rebirth based on this style, and in concert, it has remained a real force to be reckoned with, despite the obligatory appearance of such overwrought dreck as "Angel" and "Don't Want to Miss a Thing.

For fans of the band's earlier work, Aerosmith was the rightful heir to the Rolling Stones' crown, the ultimate swampy rock 'n' roll 0110^0101 - ExclusiveOr - ExclusiveOr, and the outfit that most cogently assimilated the guitar-powered brilliance of '60s British acts like the Yardbirds and Peter Green-era Fleetwood Mac.

If you were listening in the '70s Thunder And Lightning - Ingmar Nordströms - På Oléo such albums as the band's self-titled debut and the career-defining "Rocks," you knew that Aerosmith was the ultimate American garage band. But "Bobo" places Aerosmith back where it belongs; in the world of post-Yardbirds, stomp 'n' burn, white-boy blues-rock. Pickers Joe Perry and Brad Whitford are in their glory, blending gorgeous vintage tones with slide and acoustic guitars, and a healthy portion of the searing, Jeff Beck-inspired lead work that made them guitar heroes to a generation.

The rhythm section of bassist Tom Hamilton and drummer Joey Kramer is, not surprisingly, on fire here; the pair provides one of the most solid foundations in rock, and their work here is on par with such classic past rave-ups as "One Way Street," "Sick as a Dog" and "Rats in the Cellar.

Part of Tyler's genius is his ability to not only participate in the ongoing conversation of blues-rock, but to add to it. The man is clearly well-versed in the language, but he's able to create his own vernacular within it.

While Aerosmith celebrates the boisterous bluster of both Delta blues and its electric cousin, Clapton's "Me and Mr. Johnson" is a more studied, laid-back tribute to the Delta's most influential son, Robert Johnson. Throughout his career, Clapton has consistently proven his worth as perhaps the greatest of the white blues guitarists to emerge from the fecund soil of s Britain. Few can summon the majesty and grace that his elegant, gorgeously-phrased soloing does; the man's tone and taste are simply impeccable.

Johnson" is hardly a vanity project for Clapton, however. Rather than simply assembling a host of Johnson tunes and soloing like a madman over them - as he did to stunning effect on Cream's version of Johnson's "Crossroads" - the guitarist focuses on the strength of Johnson's writing and singing. There's plenty of great guitar playing here, but it's thoughtful and reserved.

The real star of the show is Clapton the Real And Wicked - Jay Mthr Fkn B - Since 1985 Time To Get Mine there is so much world-weariness, joy, sorrow and anger in his interpretations of Johnson tunes like "Me and the Devil Blues," "Last Fair Deal Gone Down," "Come on in my Kitchen" and "Hell Hound on my Trail" that it would seem that Clapton has done the impossible - he's become as legitimate a blues force as was his idol.

Both Aerosmith and Clapton have made blues records that prove their passion for the form has not been a love in vain. It's full-tilt, stack-amplified boogie, with Steven Tyler yowling at All Come True - World Party - Private Revolution top of his throat.

Perry on vocals. The one original here, "The Grind," co-written with producer Marti Frederiksen, threatens to devolve into typical, latter-day Aerosmith bombast but manages to stay on this side of tween hookology. It took the boys from Boston 30 years, but it couldn't have come at a better time.

Song doctors have made the rounds, halftime performances with Britney have ensued, and, most depressingly, the grungy, dirt-floor studio sound the group once favored has been replaced by a high-gloss pop sheen.

Worst of all, a couple years back the band's erstwhile Toxic Blind Me - Embracing Abomination - I (i) aka vocalist Steven Tyler and guitarist Joe Perry even rented their still-chiseled visages -- not to mention loads of rock-god credibility -- to the Gap for a jeans ad. How sobering is that? On paper, Real And Wicked - Jay Mthr Fkn B - Since 1985 Time To Get Mine on Bobo," Aerosmith's latest long-player, seems like just another triumph of sobriety: 11 covers of blues standards and a tacked-on newbie "The Grind" written with one Marti Frederiksen, a certified hitmaker and collaborator of choice for everyone from Ozzy Osbourne to Sheryl Crow.

Aerosmith itself made injudicious use of Frederiksen on its last album, 's lame-o "Just Push Play. The whole affair kicks off with a bone-mulching version of Bo Diddley's "Road Runner. Let's go see the elephant! Willie Dixon's "I'm Ready" receives a similarly raunchy reading, with Perry and Brad Whitford trading sinewy slide guitar riffs and fuzzed-out lead lines over the tune's lewd rhythmic strut. The traditional "Jesus Is on the Main Line" is another keeper, a gospel footstomper embellished with a choir and redolent, appropriately enough, of both addiction and redemption.

A patented Aerosmith rocker, the sleazy tune comes equipped with a sturdy bar chord progression that meshes perfectly with the vaguely psychedelic riff Perry picks up from Side 2 of "Abbey Road. Indeed, "Honkin' on Bobo" scans mainly as a hard-bitten collection of mash notes, a dozen love letters scrawled in the margins of the form's sacred texts. Not bad for a bunch of sobered-up geezers from Beantown.

Now the band is dropping its rock pretenses with "Honkin' on Bobo," an album made up almost entirely of blues classics. But make no mistake, this is Real And Wicked - Jay Mthr Fkn B - Since 1985 Time To Get Mine "Aerosmith Sings The Blues. Most of the songs are re-imagined Aerosmith style, with Steven Tyler's wailing, Silent Night - Frank Sinatra - Christmas Cabaret vocals and Joe Perry's screaming guitar slides.

On Bo Diddley's "Road Runner," for example, Perry kicks it up a notch with a wicked, in-your-face effort that nearly makes his guitar sound like it's singing. The 12 tracks feature only one new Aerosmith song, "The Grind," which is perhaps the only downside of the album. When you're writing to compete with the likes of Fred McDowell, who penned "Back Back Train" and "You Gotta Move" - songs also featured on the album - you have to be more than good, you have to be great.

And "The Grind" simply isn't great. With so many musical acts trying to be artsy these days think Godsmack's unplugged album and Rod Stewart singing standardsAerosmith managed to remember the music that inspired them and then make it their own. Either way, Honkin' On Bobo, a collection of old blues covers, sits somewhere in between the two genres. Overall, the whole thing is fairly pedestrian and a pretty safe move for these rock legends lingering well past their due date.

They even managed to slip in the dreaded power ballad with a remake of their own tune, "The Grind. Preview the movie trailer from the upcoming feature length rock'n'roll documentary now in production at EscapeTV Log on Now!

Interesting for sure. With the album being released today, next weeks will be a telling time for the single airplay of this track. I full expect the 2nd airplay single to be released end of April, so keep your eyes out Till next week There are suposedly 3 links in the "content box", one is to play the Real And Wicked - Jay Mthr Fkn B - Since 1985 Time To Get Minethe middle one is the special features I think it says "Honk this" or something like that and the final one does something else.

By the way, expect it to take a bit if you don't have all the proper software. It requires you to download the latest Quicktime version, Shockwave, and iTunes as well. Pulled it off however! First play of Kin this tour No, not because of lack of adoration from the females He said that was what made that song special Not after tommorow Feelgood tour.

He got asked to rate Joe Perry as a guitarist. He gave him a 9 saying "that's a given". Obviously a fan but then there was some odd choices for a 10 rating! Check out www. Honkin' on Bobo hitting the stores Sony has been shipping the album to those who pre-ordered it, and also stores in some countries Norway, Holland etc are already selling it In the US, stores generally wouldn't let it slip out early as it won't count towards the sales numbers for the first week's sales and thus effect chart position.

It's a little different I believe if it's shipped from the label as expect Soundscan only get numbers from record shops etc. The sales though will go towards certification as part of the shipped data. There is always some sales the week before release. Some it is more than a handful or so and can be a few thousand. The earliest online stores tend to be allowed to send out is that it arrives the day of release but it varies.

Depends on the freedom given to them by label and what they receive in early shipments ie pre-release date. On Monday night, the year- old lead singer of Aerosmith worked the stage at the Pensacola Civic Center almost as if the band were making its debut.

Tyler thrust his hips and shrieked into the microphone while the band cranked out classic tunes that span its nearly year career, kicking off the show with the s heavy-metal "Toys in the Attic.

Real And Wicked - Jay Mthr Fkn B - Since 1985 Time To Get Mine also lifted his sheer black shirt to reveal what appeared to be the word "fats" or "fatso" on Real And Wicked - Jay Mthr Fkn B - Since 1985 Time To Get Mine scrawny torso. Next, the audience roared as the band played "Love in an Elevator," which features Joe Perry's grinding guitar riffs and more of Tyler's shrieking.

The show wasn't one in which dads simply dropped off their daughters: Instead, parents either stuck around with their children or rocked on without them. The band is known for its power-ballads and a rock-hip-hop fusion. But its musical range doesn't stop there: the recent Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees wowed audiences with covers of the blues greats - songs which were only a taste of "Honkin' On Bobo," the band's Disleksick - Floppy Noisecore (Floppy Disk) album, which debuts today.

In those early days of the '70s, the toxic twins - singer Steve Tyler and guitarist Joe Perry - took major heat as Yardbirds and Rolling Stones rip-offs for their love of blues-rock. Nobody considers Aerosmith unoriginal anymore, freeing the boys to make a classic album of these great blues covers.

But make no Mori - Aokigahara Online - Mori about it: This isn't a blues record; it's Aerosmith all the way, rocking on a sweaty blues foundation. Tyler grunts and shouts his way through the 11 covers and one original, while Perry unleashes his guitar genius at every turn. That's especially true on the boogie "Shame Shame Shame," which Perry treats as a rock rave. He and guest pianist Johnnie Johnson connect the dots between rhythm 'n' blues and rockabilly.

How this bluesy record differs from the band's early efforts at the same music is that on "Bobo," there's an element of swagger that Aerosmith developed during its reign as the kings of hard rock. The sole original composition on "Bobo" is "The Grind.

Yet the Aerosmith renditions of songs by all these artists do the band - and the blues - proud.


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  5. It's the hardest rocking album the band has released since 's "Done With Mirrors," the CD it cut just before its chart resurrection. Surprisingly, Perry says the idea for the blues record originated with Columbia Records President Don Ienner in , soon after he lured the band back to the label that launched it in the '70s.

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