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F.K.D. - Pleasant Valley Children - Fuck Kill Destroy

Label: Words Of Warning - WOWLP15 • Format: Vinyl LP, Album • Country: UK • Genre: Rock • Style: Hardcore, Punk
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Any story with An Aesop with an environmental message which warns that unchecked pollution will either destroy the Earth or incur Mother Nature's wrath. Sometimes the message may incorporate Science Is Bad as well, though it is becoming more common to feature good scientists who encourage green technology and environmentally friendly lifestyles.

It might also tell the Perfusion - Joncoock - Untitled story of one plant. Can be done with subtlety or done blatantly. This was especially common in many kids' cartoons in the 70's and later in the 90's, and they are becoming more common today in many other fictional works nowadays given recent concerns and controversies on environmental issues.

Older examples tended to focus on pollution, newer ones on global warming, as the particular nature of society's environmental fears changes. In any case, however, the antagonists of the story will likely be Evil PoachersCorrupt Corporate Executives who likely work for Toxic, Inc.

More subtle and nuanced Green Aesops also exist, however, as many of the examples seen below indicate. This trope is actually Older Than Radiohaving its roots in the Romantic backlash against the Industrial Revolution.

While, as noted above, more modern works employing the Green Aesop will usually avoid the outright anti-science message, they still tend to call upon the old Romantic themes to some extent or another. So-called because green tends to represent Nature in general and environmentalism in particular. See Nature Is Not Nicewhat nature exactly is. Compare with In F.K.D. - Pleasant Valley Children - Fuck Kill Destroy with Nature. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes.

You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Protect the environment or there won't be one. See the world we come from.

There's no green there. They killed their Mother, and they're going to do the same thing here. More sky people will come, they're going to keep coming like a rain that never ends - unless we stop them. A Lucky Charms advert from the 90's dealt with deforestation.

This Super Mario Sunshine commercialwhich is about keeping the world clean and not littering. Vegan online magazine Ecorazzi has a collection of environmental adverts here. Inspirationfeed has collected 20 such adverts. The Guardian website presents the best adverts to save the planet.

Anime and Manga. Ao no Fuuin has its plot revolving around the resurrection of Oni and how they are at odds with humans now, but suddenly swerves into this trope in the final few chapters.

The Demon Mask Ou says that the re-appearance of so many Oni might have been seen as a better thing, had it happened much later: as humans are bound to continue their industrialization of the planet, they would ruin the environment and make it difficult to live there, so the resurrection of the Oni would be okay as Oni eat humans and would hence balance the system to the point that the Oni and humans can live side-by-side despite that small issue between them.

Then Akira decides to make sure that the Oni, who are about to fall into a long sleep until such a time is necessary for them to awaken, will not wake up by making sure that the environment will not be destroyed. Blue Gender : The Blue are out to destroy humanity because the population has gotten too big and has damaged the environment too much.

Blue Seed ended up with something To Live Again - Viper (16) - To Live Again - Live In São Paulo this, although it was very well foreshadowed, right down to the fact that the Aragami themselves are essentially mutated plants.

One particular episode had a character wondering what is the Japan they want to protect — i. Corrector Yui has the character Eco, an extremist protector of nature who will hold people hostage or attempt to kill them for littering in a virtual national park.

He mellows out once Yui sets him straight, but you can bet that the people he terrorized aren't going to litter anymore, whether it be on the internet or not. This also Fly On The Windscreen - Final - Depeche Mode - Black Celebration to several other of Shoji Kawamori's works.

For those who haven't heard of the aforementioned old-school series, Tokyo Mew Mew works just as well as " Captain Planet with magical girls". The Heart girl is the leader and Fire is swapped out for Light, but still. Gundam Early Universal Century shows starting with Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam often had this as a secondary message beyond the War Is Hell theme, usually with the Spacenoids read: Zeon claiming F.K.D.

- Pleasant Valley Children - Fuck Kill Destroy the Earth's ecosystem is failing due to the greedy and corrupt Earth peoples. We don't see much evidence of this in the series itself though, other than mention of the Saharan Desert slowly expanding. Although if the movie G-Savior is taken as canon, the Earth does ecologically fail and become uninhabitable, sometime around UC Mobile Fighter G Gundam 's environmental message is quite explicit, as the Gundam Fight that ended world wars has also completely trashed the environment due to Earth's use as a fighting ring.

Scenery Gorn abounds, and two major villains want to destroy humanity to save the planet. Ultimately, though, the villains' plan to destroy humanity to save "nature" is pointed out as hypocritical and self-contradicting: humans and their creations are as much a part of nature as anything else. In this case, it's saving a Newtype dolphin and her pod from pirates that harvest their brains for navicomputers.

Kimba the White Lion was an early example of this. A few episodes of Kirby: Right Back at Ya! Some of those even parodied it. The title character of The Law of Ueki has the power to recycle trash into Tree s. And hates people who harm the environment. In general, the manga cleverly delivers a moral message about how the trees are important.

Mazinger Z : Several times we were given messages about the dangers of depleting the planet's natural resources and polluting the environment.

They were not subtle. AT ALL. In that movie, the most famous Go Nagai Humongous Mecha battled an ugly, massive prehistoric animal had survived in the depths of the oceans and had been mutated after feeding with huge quantities of oil spills.

Though the main Aesop of Now and Then, Here and There is meant to be an anti-war one, it's not hard to see F.K.D. - Pleasant Valley Children - Fuck Kill Destroy themes in it too. Lala-ru represents raw natural resources such as water, which she controls with her pendant that humans waste, pollute, and fight over.

And when she destroys F.K.D. - Pleasant Valley Children - Fuck Kill Destroy it's clear that there is some Gaia's Vengeance going on. Several of the story lines in the Oishinbo volume on Vegetables are about the impact of herbicides and pesticides on the quality of food in Japan. Origin: Spirits of the Past certainly has the whole "We must live in harmony with nature" thing but its more like a "get along with your neighbor" thing because the heavily industrial Ragna gets the same treatment.

The Forest is treated like The Fair Folkwho can be dangerous, capricious, and unsympathetic, but are not evil. Parasyte actually subverts this. The main character, faced with an Ultimate Life Form made from what seems to be Gaia's Vengeancedecides that first, you can't care about the planet without caring about humans, and second, for better or for worse, humans can only be F.K.D. - Pleasant Valley Children - Fuck Kill Destroy - however much they try to empathize with Waiting There - Aka Ill Be Waiting - Los Aggrotones - Brixton creatures, they're going to value humanity first.

Please Save My Earth. The title and overall plot refers to this. The Moral goes something like this - "Take care of your planet while you have it, cause you Earth-people still have a chance at redemption. Unlike us, Space Scientists whose home space-faring civilization self-destructed in war. Beyond the obvious demonizing of poachers and animal abusers, it really just provides an example of humanity gone right.

Animal rights are rarely an issue especially because The Dog Bites Back with a vengeance if you kick one too hard. It's rare that smog from vehicles is even seen despite the existence of personal automobiles and heavy air transport, the skies are perennially clear and blue even over the largest metropolises, and huge tracts of land go free of harm.

Even when pollution is referenced outside of the Koffing and Grimer familiesit's never actually seen, or else is promptly cleaned up. And no one says a word. Because no one has to. One example is Gringy Onnen Lintunen - Tuomari Nurmio - Tanssipalatsi found in an early episode in the first season, whose air and water is so polluted from the extremely exaggerated number of factories most of which seem to exist only to pollute the air and water.

F.K.D. - Pleasant Valley Children - Fuck Kill Destroy water is green and polluted with multiple Grimer and Muk because of all Sick Of It All - Various - Give Em The Boot III factoriesthe air is dark and filled with soot because of all the factoriesand there's no grassy area to speak of because of all the factories. Misty and Brock then end the episode by telling Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny that the Sludge Pokemon are a good indication that they should probably clean the place up a little.

Another example is the early Diglett episode, in which Pokemon even refuse to come out of their Poke Balls to stop the Diglett. It turns out they F.K.D. - Pleasant Valley Children - Fuck Kill Destroy knew that the Diglett would be harmed by the dam construction, so shouldn't be stopped.

It is also shown that the Diglett created the valley forests, and implied that they create ALL the forests in the world even though we NEVER see any evidence of this outside this episode. Occasionally, Team Rocket mentions that their contraptions are all environmentally friendly. A filler episode in the first series of Sailor Moon featured a public park that was about to be bulldozed by an a construction company.

The monster of the day possessed the park's caretaker, who was then granted the power of controlling animals and nature to protect the park. Which led to a scene in which the head of the construction company was attacked by squirrels. The caretaker eventually goes mad with the evil power and attacks anyone that sets foot in the park. The Senshi save the old guy and the park is spared demolition. A F.K.D. - Pleasant Valley Children - Fuck Kill Destroy episodes of Science Ninja Team Gatchaman had subtle ones.

A few episodes of F.K.D. - Pleasant Valley Children - Fuck Kill Destroy. The point behind the cripplingly depressing Super Robot series Space Warrior Baldios is that pollution is bad. In an episode of Transformers ArmadaRad gave a long speech about why deforestation is bad. An early episode of Transformers: Super-God Masterforce involved the Decepticons causing animals to stampede in Kenya so humans would kill them, leading to destabilisation of the balance of life on Earth, leading to their dark god becoming more powerful.

Wolf's Rain. The environmental message isn't hard to spot. X : The Earth is slowly dying due to humanity not hearing its cries, instead continueing with selfishness and polution, so a decision must be made in the form of 14 people duking it out: the 7 "Sky Dragons" who are near-universially religious folk representing the case for humanity that humans are best-suited to improve themselves and help the Earth vs the 7 "Earth Dragons" who are near-universially represented by modern "evils" such as military, cloning and bureaucracy who stand for the destruction of humanity including inevitably themselves so that Earth can start anew and heal itself.

The leaders of the conflict are Kamui and Fuuma, two best friends who are fated to fight and kill one another and are usually portrayed by a Kamui with angel wings and a Kamui with devil wings crossing swords.

Fun fact: the Kamui with angel wings is the one standing for humanity's destruction. Zatch Bell! However, this is applied F.K.D. - Pleasant Valley Children - Fuck Kill Destroy all aspects of evolution; animals Ipanema - Nicola Conte Apresenta Rosalia De Souza - Garota Moderna regulate evolution, so they allowed humans to evolve.

Humans didn't regulate their powers, so they invented world-crushing weapons.


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  3. This trope is actually Older Than Radio, having its roots in the Romantic backlash against the Industrial Revolution. In its earliest iterations, it went part and parcel with tropes like Arcadia, Ludd Was Right, and Science Is granigdagatiussamujinn.infoinfo, as noted above, more modern works employing the Green Aesop will usually avoid the outright anti-science message, they still tend to call upon the old.
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