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Spacetalk - Sascha Müller - SSREXTRA47-1

Label: Super 6 Records - SSREXTRA47-1 • Format: Cassette Album C90 • Country: Germany • Genre: Electronic • Style: Acid, Acid House, Techno, Tribal, Tech House, Experimental
Download Spacetalk - Sascha Müller - SSREXTRA47-1

Cavatina - Mantovani And His Orchestra - > Aslan Lobster Is Coincidence. Eddie Logix Placebo Palace. Youkounkoun Special Delivery Vol. Dhaima Love Lives Forever. A1 is rambunctious and incendiary, and escaping any form of ID from myself.

B1 draws out some more authentic disco grooves, adds smatterings of flange and wah-wah guitar and rounds off the edges for a mid-session groover with tons of flair. B2 concludes this almighty affair with a timpani-based, tribal chanter with lots of impassioned raw vox sung and shouted across a most bustling of rhythm sections.

Move quick! As you'd expect, the results are devastating! Following on from his beautiful release on Claremont 56 inAlter Leo aka Denis Leonovich, takes a different approach for this new EP on the Kinfolk imprint and produces a storming world infused 4-tracker. Essential music for the truly Go Fly A Kite - Marlene Ver Planck* - A Breath Of Fresh Air dancefloors of the world.

Dreamy, lo-fi fuzz emanates from cassette tape and vintage circuit boards to Kate Bush - Symphony In Blue travel music that will jettison you into outer space. Strap in. Tune out. The six tracks which make up this debut mini-LP do share the tapey hardware aesthetic of the Dutchman, but for me there's more feeling here, a romanticism you only find in Southern Europe, which takes this to a different level.

As well as the much loved vocal version, this new 12" includes the previously unreleased ""Original Paradise Mix". Meanwhile on the flip we find two deeper, more underground cuts, Spacetalk - Sascha Müller - SSREXTRA47-1 Dub Mix" and "Deep Jungle Mix" that despite their titles are completely different from the original songs and add more value to this EP.

Written in Toronto and Montreal betweenthis debut LP from Ex-Terrestrial is in part the residue of long drives through Belgian countryside listening to shadow music. Dense foundations of dissonance support quirky, smile-inducing melodies in curious and odd states of being. All that can break is broken and all that is amplified is nullified.

On the flip disco maestro Mousse T. Pure party music yessirree! Two Labelle edits, enhanced and locked down for modern dancefloors by, Spacetalk - Sascha Müller - SSREXTRA47-1 assume, Scottish house cat Adesse Versions. Overlaid across a rambunctious and funky rhythm section, it's the perfect head turner for mid-set when you've got the crowd hooked and you can throw in some curveballs.

It's frenetic momentum should keep the floor alive and the dynamic arrangement tells its own story, inviting people to really succumb to the groove.

They Say: 'Documentary and industrial underlays for current themes of modern life'. We say: Mind-blowing, percussion-heavy, Afro-tinged, cosmic-disco library bomb. This is the one. An absolutely outstanding record from and definitely one of the hardest to find on the collectable German Spacetalk - Sascha Müller - SSREXTRA47-1 label, Coloursound. The record comes galloping out No Matter What - Badfinger - Various - Soft Rock Radio Hits gate with a pair of rapid synthy-eurodisco bombs - the title-track and "Panama" - before slowing down to a woozy pace on "Inorganic Matter".

Indeed, it was used to great effect on his seminal 'Cosmo Galactic Prism' mix for Eskimo back in Seven minutes of building, mid-tempo disco-funk joy, deceptively explosive, club-ready gear for body and soul. The back cover dryly describes the track as 'Guitar and percussion, light industrial underlay'. How about, 'after finally emerging from a particularly heavy week jamming in a sunless, lawless German warehouse, Chic warily press record on a wayward, illicit instrumental for basement gatherings'.

Just wait for those drums at the 3 minute mark… The beatless ambience and menacing stabs of the proto-electro "Chemical Threat" follows, before the open drums and incredible fills of the metronomic "Steady Going" and fantastically monotonous funk breaks of "Nepal Trek" round out this sensational set. This is a library masterpiece in no uncertain terms, full of synth funk, afro beats, exotica, leftfield madness, dance floor dynamite and all-around greatness.

The audio for The Now Generation comes from the original analogue tapes and has been remastered for vinyl by Be With regular Simon Francis.

Richard Robinson has brought the original Coloursound sleeve back to life in all its metallic silver glory. It's ten years since Joe Morris enjoyed his first release of original music. In the ensuing decade Joe has sharpened his Spacetalk - Sascha Müller - SSREXTRA47-1 indelibly, gaining a reputations with an ear for music with depth, emotion and feeling. Fitting then his tenth year in the studio sees him release his debut album. Designed as a view of his kaleidoscopic musical palette, "Exotic Language" is a nine song opus taking in deep house, new age, ambient and Afro textures.

Opener "Firefly Island" is a horizontal mood setter, washing over you with its gorgeous soundscapes. Things get spacey and ethereal on "Celestial Plantation", "Dream Clouds" is an ode to early Italian deep house. Final track "Milo's Theme" is a bitter sweet closer to the album, with a guest appearance by Joe's nine month old son.

Whether he's drifting through horizontal ambience or hitting the floor with a humid jacker, Joe keeps both melody and mood at elevated levels. Paul Paul Good Times - Inc. Originally dropping in on Discomagic, this emotive Italo masterclass has become a must have for the upper-rings of the digging elite, and for good reason. For those who like a little less conversation, a little more action, this fine repress features the "Good Version" from Spacetalk - Sascha Müller - SSREXTRA47-1 original release as well as a pair of remixes from modern Italo heroes Flemming Dalum and Kid Machine.

The former adds punchy synth sequences, scuzzy percussion and extra bass weight to up the ante and add a slightly darker, throbbing texture to proceedings while the latter loops those sequences into eternity, adds layer upon layer of cosmic synthery and transforms the track into a perfect peak time ripper!

Giorgio pick out a pearler in the form of "Good Times", back it with the largely instrumental version from the original release, then enlist the talents of two of contemporary music's finest Italo practitioners to provide their finest work to date. Mari Sekine Beginning - Inc. She has been active since with numerous groups and artists, as well as providing music for the theatre.

This latter experience is particularly in evidence throughout this piece, with its dramatic shifts and changing scenery, forming a very visual and evocative music with over fifteen percussion Spacetalk - Sascha Müller - SSREXTRA47-1 entering and leaving the stage in their various roles.

The propulsive rhythms and melodies will please admirers of balearic grooves, Steve Reich and Roland P. On the flip, Dusseldorf' Lena Wilikens translates the track into an immersive shamanic house excursion which is currently providing major in store vibes.

This four track retrospective opens with the mystical, magical and mighty vibrations of "Sphinx", a soaring mid tempo builder with a Knight Rider bassline I'm too lazy to fact-check, but my memory is saying that this predated the seriesscratchy guitar licks and killer synth parts.

Next up, we shimmey along to the robo-boogie of "Welcome Back, Jolette", a smooth sci-fi groove for warm up sets and Balearic setlists. Crazy synth parts, an unstoppable bassline, tons of orchestral energy Spacetalk - Sascha Müller - SSREXTRA47-1 an endless string of solos eventually erupt into the wildest guitar solo to ever rip through a dance floor.

It's a testament to the utter insanity of "Underwater" that the vocoded disco funk Spacetalk - Sascha Müller - SSREXTRA47-1 "Chicago" sounds tame, but best believe this is total dynamite anytime it even sniffs a dancefloor. For those sleepyheads who missed this first time out the trap, you now get a second bite at this particular cherry. Mixing styles like I mix metaphors, the mysterious producer behind "Koi Jaye" smashes a rampant Italo bassline under Goa synths, powerhouse playback vocals and spangled sitar riffs to deliver a hypercharged Bollywood banger which practically screams Dekmantel Selectors.

Limited numbers, satisfaction guaranteed. Buy on sight! This limited edition 12" brings two artists from two crews, presumably Power Station and Bahnsteig 23, and so possibly Kris Baha and Jonny Rock? Either way, we're taken on an 11 minute industrial journey on the A-side, detouring through mechanical percussion and scuzzy synths like a Throbbing Gristle outtake. The B-side spikes the tempo to ish and incorporates proggy leadlines and hydraulic percussion for a modern trance thumper.

Spacetalk - Sascha Müller - SSREXTRA47-1 doesn't get much muckier than this folks. Like smearing yourself in the various bodily fluids left in Berghain's infamous Dark Room. The Unlimited Love edits mob continue to chop up the finest smatterings of disco, boogie and soul for their infamous series.

Number 24 and it's four more nicely excavated cuts that evade the ears of our intrepid IDers and deliver nothing but positive energy for the floor. From the driving, slick, late 70s disco; to horn-guided funk-disco and back through gospel-calipsp-disco-boogie!!

Top drawer throughout! A little mystery goes a long way, but it's fair to say the appetite for unearthing those secret tunes and lost classics has rarely been stronger Those fine folks at A Love That Never Dies take another trawl through their shelves to turn out four illicit and anonymous floor fillers, which you'll struggle to find in their Spacetalk - Sascha Müller - SSREXTRA47-1 form.

Cartwheeling through the genres we get a folky funk bomb which could be Cajun, African or South American, an uptempo hit A Day In The Life - A-Villa - Carry On Tradition disco drumming, a cosmic synth smasher and a robo-scat classic all pressed loud for your listening pleasure. Duca Bianco are back with another hard rocking 12" of underground edit obscurities here from a crack team of digging royalty.

Indovina Key kick the set off with a slick extension of a stuttering e-funk version of Demis' "I Dig You" with alternative non-English vocals. Next up Macadam MamBro Guillaume Des Bois treats us to a typically unheard heater in the form of "Sequence Dont Talk - 10,000 Maniacs - In My Tribe, which could well be a Belgian banger slowed down into nouvelle-cosmique territories.

Turn the page and the ever-off his rocker Gareth Cherrystones chucks the cutlery in the blender for "Grunts Breakfast", a nuts and bolts cruncher with spacey synths for milk.

Finally Maybe Tonight drop the tropical synth pop of "Tribuna Politica", a weird and warped bit of sampler funk which Spacetalk - Sascha Müller - SSREXTRA47-1 sure to tickle your pickle. Happy days! Electropop, Balearic, industrial and odd-ball funk are all on offer here. All four contributions showcase their highly individual approaches to contemporary electronic dance music.

While Schneider researched electronic noise music cultures in Osaka, Lena Willikens and her artist partner Sarah Szczesny developed aspects of audio mix and filmed footage for their collaborative art project Phantom Kino Ballett while in residency at Villa Kamogawa in Kyoto. It was fascinating to witness how Japanese underground cultures adopt influences from abroad and Spacetalk - Sascha Müller - SSREXTRA47-1 them into something original and very much their own. We also saw live 2.

Mov.: Larghetto - Mozart*, Camerata Academica Del Mozarteum Di Salisburgo*, Géza Anda - Concerto by Kopy and Tentenko whom we quickly befriended. Tentenko begun to enter into the Japanese music scene with a Troops Of Tomorrow - The Vibrators - Unpunked flow of experimental cdr productions as well as collaborations with members of the legendary Japanese noise band Hijokaidan.

Steve Pepe Blair Nightlife. The Owl Universal Funk. If you're ordering online, you need to place your order by 3.

Reminder of our Xmas opening times Sunday Classics.


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  3. Sascha Müller. Germany. We release on physical formats a few releases are released on download stores or here on bandcamp! We trust in physical formats for the future!
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  5. Müller and Wandt dominate the action on the A1, playing loose with sampler vox, serene pads and future primitive rhythms on the unreleased ‘Fun Dub’ of the also unreleased ‘Dub Dub’. Imagine Ferris Bueller’s trampoline tumble trading Chicago to the Weissenhof and you’ll sense the mood of this New Age groove.
  6. SSREXTRA – Sascha Müller - SSREXTRA Cassette €9 EUR. SSREXTRA46 – Sascha Müller - SSREXTRA46 Compact Disc (CD) €9 EUR. SSREXTRA – Sascha Müller - SSREXTRA Cassette €9 EUR.

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