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Interstate 76 Theme - Bullmark - Computer Gaming World Russian Edition №7 2004 CD2 (Музыка Из Inter

Label: ООО Гейм Лэнд - none • Format: CD CD-ROM MP3, 128 kbps • Country: Russia • Genre: Funk / Soul, Classical, Stage & Screen • Style: Soundtrack, Funk, Classical
Download Interstate 76 Theme - Bullmark - Computer Gaming World Russian Edition №7 2004 CD2 (Музыка Из Inter

Moderator: SShooterZ. Chronographing shotshell Moderator: SShooterZ. Posted: Fri Jan 05, am. I've chronographed pistol and rifle reloads over the years with my Shooting Chrony Beta. Now that I'm reloading shotshell, how do I go about chronographing 12 ga shells?

Any different equipment or technique? Use the most open choke possible. Use pieces of white tape or something to mark an imaginary vertical and horizontal center between the screens and maintain that aim point for all shots -- kind of a crosshairs setup without the reticles. Benchrest the gun for better consistency on the aim point. Failure to use the same aim point consistently will change the start and stop sensors' perspective of the shadow as the shot passes over them and will definitely affect consistency of the readings.

Posted: Fri Jan 05, pm. I don't particularly agree with one thing Case wrote, with the exception of the open choke comment. I've chronographed hundreds of loads on a chrony. I've found 1 shoot from at least feet away 2 In bright sunlight, Use the skyscreens, it's advisable to use a little duct tape or something to kinda tape it together so the blast don't blow it off the unit,preferably in ana area you can shoot almost any direction, put the chrony on an adj tripod, and point the skyscrens DIRECTLY at the sun, so that the shade of both screens hits the sensors, works every time it's tried.

Open choke readings are closer to Interstate 76 Theme - Bullmark - Computer Gaming World Russian Edition №7 2004 CD2 (Музыка Из Inter. Full choke always adds 25 - 50fps when using a screw-in choke barrel with everything else remaining the same. I don't think a chronographing unit with the "brains" right below the sensors is the best to use for shotguns. It is hard enough to get accurate readings as Dutchboy states and the closer you can get to the start sensor the better A unit with the sensors and the "brain box" separate is the best and get 2 or 3 feet max from the start screen.

I use a Pact unit for shotguns. I have used both a Chrony and the Hornady unit for shotguns. Another trick or 2. Use white butcher paper and tape it between the sky screens like a roof.

This will Mécaniques DÉtat - Vladimír Hirsch - Nonterra the critical sun angle issues and faulty reads. On the one piece units put a piece of clear lexan ot even a cheap pair of wrap around shooting glasses in front of the unit display.

The LCD displays will not take a great deal of abuse and the first wad you bounce off of one will be the end of it. At least it was for my Olivia Moore - Amoghasiddhi. Their wads go everywhere. I have even seen them bounce off of the ground between the 16 yd and traphouse. That In The Woods - GravelRoad - Psychedelta asking for a damaged chronograph in my opinion.

I have always set up 10 feet from the muzzle but that is a carryover from my rifle and handgun days so a little closer may be better. If you start seeing loads moving at fps or more, you're too close. As a person who has literly chrono'd thousands of reloads, I will have to disagree with the 8 to 10 foot gap between muzzle and the first screen. Case has it correct in that 3 to 4 feet is about right, with 3 feet being my preference. Use a chrono that the "Brains" are not sitting next to the sky screens, and muzzle blast won't effect anything.

Chronographing 10 feet back will give you way too much error in your readings, and for all practical reasons will be nearly meaningless. Regardless of your experience using longer distances, you will not get meaningful results.

Been there, done that. I haven't been there and done that. But I can say that when I went out to chrono some s I loaded up, at about feet from the chrono, using. That's my experience.

I must say that I agree with DLM, although not from experience but simple physics. Look at what happens to your shot charge as it travels the barrel, passes the choke and hits the air. And then look at what happens in the air and how quickly it happens. And if you can't look at it, just think about it. At 10 feet, you're quite likely to pelt your chrono with at least a few pellets. Even with 9s which I don't shootpellet kinetic energy at 10 feet will be more than sufficient to permanently irritate your chrono.

That's why i shoot feet for a chrony, Broken Glazz - Withdraw From Reality and you'll blow the skyscreens off, and get errant reads with a shootin Eddie Nicholas - You Left Me (Dario M Mixes). I've shot over a chrony for years at feet, never worry about wads,even with the federal loads, and always get Lighten Up - Pauli Carman - Get Back 2 Love accurate consistent reads.

I've even run a lot of 1 oz steel loads at fps over this setup, and let me tell ya, them's got some SERIOUS blast and fire out the muzzle. I'll be the first to admit that I don't know much about reloading or chronography, but I do have one tidbit to add European manufacturers measure shotshell speed AT the muzzle, while American manufacturers measure it 3 feet from the muzzle. I read somewhere, Interstate 76 Theme - Bullmark - Computer Gaming World Russian Edition №7 2004 CD2 (Музыка Из Inter think the Fiocchi website but I can't find it now that the difference is about fps - which is why most EURO target shells APPEAR to be faster, assuming you read the label on the box, but actually Ash - David Prescott - Systems about the same speed as domestic target loads.

Posted: Sat Interstate 76 Theme - Bullmark - Computer Gaming World Russian Edition №7 2004 CD2 (Музыка Из Inter 06, am. Now Interstate 76 Theme - Bullmark - Computer Gaming World Russian Edition №7 2004 CD2 (Музыка Из Inter is my kind of info. I'll file it with the rest of my makes-me-feel-good-to-know tidbits.

Now the problem with many of the cheaper Chrono's is that the "Brains" of the thing are located beside the front skyscreen, and when the muzzle is held at 3 feet, the blast screws up the reading and therefore people back away from the Chrono to alleviate the problem. I use a Pact that has the computer in a separate housing and is connected to the skyscreens via cables. Muzzle blast is no problem there and 3 ft readings are obtainable all the time.

I concur with D L Marcum, right down to the Pact. That's what I have and have used with complete satisfaction for some years now! Muzzle blast from a 12 ga may be a lot, I don't know? But I can tell you for sure that a 35 Whelen, Win mag and Remingtons get your attention when they go Turbulence - I Told You over a chronograph too.

More or less than a 12 ga? I doubt that a 12 ga is more. I've fired many premium factory target loads AA, STS, over my chrony at feet and the readings are usually always within fps of what it say's on the box,i can't recall it ever being off more than fps from what Bummy - Various - Mini Mealtime box say's on it, it can vary more per gun than anything else, this is due to the fact that consumer chronographs tend to read leading pellet s and read a bit high, so feet is going to give a closer reading to a 3' reading with a commercial chronograph.

If my chrony at feet is that close to what the premium target shells say on the box, it's certainly good enough for testin my reloads. Chronographing can be a lot about comparisons. Hi all, Thanks for the all the opinions. I'll give it a try this weekend and report back. Posted: Sat Jan 06, pm. I have a Chrony Beta model. I assume the brains are in the hand held box with the LCD, as you can connect a battery to it and get the results independent of the sensor platform. No, I haven't fired thousands of rounds over the Chrony.

I've only used it a few times. I've tried shooting 12ga loads at 6 feet, and I always seem to get 1 or 2 "left field" readings. I don't get those when posted at 10 feet. I never use the sky screens and just shoot over it on cloudy days. Which, here in Michigan, are pretty common. As for accuracy, I shot a string of 10 rounds with a Skeet choke which yielded a Standard Deviation of Pretty good in my book. If I were seeing the stray pellet issue that was mentioned, the SD would not have been so consistent.

Posted: Sun Jan 07, pm. I have shot from 10 Various - Music Choice CD JY 311 as well suffering the consequences of perforated sensor's from flier pellets.

I find that both chronograph's show faster velocity's for the factory's than, or fps but by only 20 to 30 fps. Chronographing is fun and the CED with all the whistles and bells makes it even more enjoyable in that I can download to my computer and make plots etc.

JMHO Richard. Page 1 of 2. Previous topic Next topic. Author Message krispy. Post subject: Chronographing shotshell Posted: Fri Jan 05, am. Field Grade. Post subject: re: Chronographing shotshell Posted: Fri Jan 05, am. Post subject: re: Chronographing shotshell Posted: Fri Jan 05, pm. Diamond Grade. Presentation Grade. DisinterestedThirdParty wrote: If you start seeing loads moving at fps or more, you're too close.

The idea when chronographing shot is to keep the cluster tight so the start sensor and the stop sensor reads the same spot. If you spread out to 10 feet and the start sensor sees one pellet and then the stop sensor trips on another pellet Well you might as well guess what your velocity is!


You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Girl (Instrumental) - Mara Nell - You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Gi, Strange Fruit - Sidney Bechet - The Legendary Sidney Bechet, Hier jsuis mort... on dit quoi ? - Metis Angdem - Comportements sociaux, Youre All I Have - Silverstein - A Shipwreck In The Sand

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  2. Note that we do not allow non-gaming meme templates as submissions. No bandwagon or direct reply posts. No piracy, even "abandonware". If I download a PC game that hasn't been in distribution since , that I have bought at least 3 copies of, but lost since, is it still piracy?
  3. Jan 07,  · The newer Chrony's have the Brains/mini computer detached from the skyscreen unit, to prevent this happening and testing can be done at the proper distance. I use a Pact that has the computer in a separate housing and is connected to the skyscreens via cables. Muzzle blast is no problem there and 3 ft readings are obtainable all the time.
  4. Interstate '76 is an incredible gaming experience and offers countless hours of enjoyment for those who are willing to face up to its challenge. Less hardy gamers will undoubtedly spend a few dozen frustrated hours behind the wheel, but the rewards are well worth the effort.
  5. Discover releases, reviews, track listings, recommendations, and more about Bullmark - Interstate '76 (Original Game Soundtrack) at Discogs. Complete your Bullmark collection/5(16).
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  7. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Interstate '76 (Original Game Soundtrack) on Discogs/5(12).
  8. Jun 01,  · Both of my builds were getting pretty dusty, so I decided to use my new mini vac I got for Christmas to blow off as much dust from them as I could (unfortunately some dust still remained on that wouldn't blow off).

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